Chrism Mass from USBN on Vimeo.

2012 AAICCC Chrism Mass

The Arizona Association of Independent Catholic Clergy and Communities (AAICCC) held their annual Chrism Mass and Renewal of Priestly Promises on April 2nd at the Tempe Christian Church. The Celebrant of the Mass was the Association’s Secretary, Bishop Mark Elliott Newman, O.C.

A Spirit filled homily was delivered by Rev. Father Ed Walsh. All in attendance were deeply moved and the Gift of the Holy Spirit was present.

It is regrettable that the audio aspect of the recording wasn’t functioning as it should. After the homily, the audio signal ceased altogether. Herein is the recording of the Mass, from the Introductory Rites through the Homily. You are invited to view what was successfully recorded.

Despite the incomplete recording, we trust you will still experience the sacredness of the moment, and like those in attendance, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit close at hand.

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