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SB1070 The Faces – The origin of the migration battle in USA

On April 25, 2012

the United States Supreme Court will hear opening arguments in Arizona v. United States. The case involves “Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.” (SB1070) At issue is whether the law usurps the federal government’s authority to regulate immigration laws and enforcement. Today there are entire communities in Arizona who have been directly or indirectly affected due to the implementation of SB1070 law, which has been named the MOTHER of its kind against illegal immigration.

Many families, friends, and acquaintances both documented and undocumented can tell stories of deportation, unemployment, persecution and family disintegration. But, how could there be a law so powerful that it dramatically impacted the lives of millions of people and changed the way we see Latinos throughout the United States? Why are dozens of states across the United States intending to copy this law? The documentary “SB1070 The Faces” aims to show the reality of the proposal by Senator Russell Pierce, which was signed into law on April 23, 2010 by Governor Jan Brewer.

Over a year of videotaped material, the documentary “SB1070 The Faces” aims to show the political, economic, social, and human conditions under which the state of Arizona stands and the repercussions that the controversial law, SB1070, has had on the country. “SB1070 The Faces” is an independent project by a group of people looking to create an echo of the voices of those involved and to make the general public aware of the background of a law like SB1070.


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